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Motors & Drives

The Motors & Drives division offers a full range of low and medium voltage motors and adjustable speed drives. These products, hallmarked for quality, performance, and durability, can be customized to meet the most demanding applications.

Power Electronics

The Power Electronics Division offers power conditioning and power protection solutions highlighted by the uninterruptible power systems, rapid rechargeable battery (SCiB ®), and power conditioning businesses. TIC Power Electronics products are renowned for reliability and efficiency, ideal for key markets such as datacenters, healthcare, and industrial. Customers benefit from compact designs, extensive warranty plans, and 24/7 service and support.

Photovoltaic Systems

Toshiba is a global solutions provider of photovoltaic and renewable energy systems, offering ground- and roof-mounted solutions for utility scale and behind-the-meter applications. From design to after-market services, Toshiba delivers comprehensive, customizable solutions for a variety of users including utilities, governments, commercial energy users, land owners, and developers. A proven track record of delivering highly reliable power from clean renewable sources, backed by performance guarantees, make Toshiba the ideal solar power solutions provider.

Transmission & Distribution Systems

Headquartered in Houston, the Transmission & Distribution Division is part of Toshiba Corp.'s world leadership in the supply of integrated solutions for energy transmission, distribution, and smart communities. As one of the world's largest manufacturers of state-of-the-art transmission and distribution equipment, Toshiba has provided highly reliable and innovative products to the global market for over a century. TIC's Transmission & Distribution Division serves the North American market with a product offering that meets the market demand for larger capacity, compact design, and environmentally friendly solutions that produce impressive efficiency ratings and excellent results.

Other Products

Available social infrastructure systems can be further customized through the addition of instrumentation, process control systems, or programmable logic controls. Additionally, TIC offers transportation system solutions, security & automation, and hybrid electric vehicle motors.

Automotive Systems

Since 2011, Toshiba International Corporation has manufactured high-performance drive motors for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). The state-of-the-art HEV plant spans 45,000 square feet and produces in excess of 130,000 motors annually. Staffed by more than 100 workers, the plant delivers motors and generators for hybrid electric vehicles including the Ford Fusion Hybrid and C-Max models.

Industries Served

Toshiba's product offerings are used in many different industries ranging from oil and gas and utilities to pharmaceutical and datacenters. Our extensive product offering and large installed base in these numerous industries demonstrates our customers' confidence in choosing Toshiba products. Since many of our products are manufactured under one roof, we can offer customized solutions to meet your specific industry needs.

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