E1000 Series Energy Management System

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E1000 Series Energy Management System
25 kW or 50 kW Hybrid Power Inverter

Photovoltaic (PV) Inverter + Battery Storage

The E1000 Series EMS allows users to manage their energy and power needs through peak-shaving, and time-shifting to quickly adapt to changing utility pricing. The first-of-its-kind EMS builds on the decades of in-house PV expertise at Toshiba and features a PV power inverter to capture and convert clean solar power.

The E1000 Series EMS is designed and purpose-built at the TIC Power Electronics Plant in Houston, Texas, in response to demand for more flexible capabilities in managing commercial power usage in North America. The efficient design and small footprint allows for quick installations in retail stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and multi-family residences.

  • Battery Energy Storage: 18 kWH & Up
  • Compact Footprint
  • Frequency Regulation
  • Long-Lasting, Fast-Charging, SCiB™ Rechargeable Battery

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