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Rig Motor

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Toshiba’s AC Drill Rig Motor is a force ventilated three-phase alternating-current induction motor for use in the oil and gas industry for land based drilling rig, mud pump, draw-works duty, and fracking applications.

Standard Features:
  • 1150 HP, 40 Hz / 1500 HP, 45 Hz
  • -40°C to 45°C Ambient Temperature
  • IP44, Force Ventilated Blower Cooled Enclosure
  • 6-Pole Stator with Form Wound Windings
  • VPI, Class H Insulation, Mica-Kapton System
  • Six RTDs; 100 Ohm Platinum, Two per Phase
  • Copper Chromium Alloy Rotor Bars
  • Insulated Bearings on Both Ends with Ground Strap
  • Field-modifiable IP56 Main Terminal Box with Bus Bar
  • Connections for Main Cables & Terminals for RTDs;
  • Suitable for F-1 & F-2
  • Space Heater
  • Keyless Tapered 4340 Alloy Shaft
  • Single Shaft Extension with Oil Field Hub
  • Drop-in Replacement

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