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Toshiba’s T300BMV2 4160 V medium voltage adjustable speed drive employs the latest MV2 digital control platform. The T300BMV2 is a cost effective solution for applications with basic control operations while utilizing one of the fastest industrial processors available. Aluminum magnetics are paired with the reliable multi-level Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) using Neutral-Point Clamping (NPC) technology. This advanced technology allows for a smaller footprint, a reduced component count, making the T300BMV2 an overall cost effective solution.

  • 24-Pulse, Aluminum-wound Harmonic Cancellation Complies with IEEE-519-2014
  • Higher True Power Factor (>0.96) than Running Motors Across-the-Line
  • Smaller Footprint Through Compact Power Modules, Lower Component Count,
  • Standard Aluminum-Wound Isolation Transformer, & Air-Cooling System
  • Robust, High-Quality Medium Voltage IGBT Technology, & Control Components
  • Advanced Electronics to Reduce Component Count
  • Additive Five-Level PWM Output Voltage with No Neutral Shift


A Small Footprint attributed to innovative design decreases component count and reduces overall cost for an economic solution in many applications.

A 24-Pulse Aluminum wound Isolation Transformer provides phase-shift cancellation capabilities, eliminating issues concerning harmonic injections into bus-fed equipment. As a result, the T300BMV2 resembles a linear load on the incoming AC line.

Five-Level PWM Output closely simulates a true sine wave by employing several layers of switching devices to provide a smooth output waveform to the motor, virtually eliminating motor failures caused by insulation stress and long lead-length issues. These output waveforms are friendly to existing non-inverter duty motors without a need to upgrade.

Medium Voltage IGBT Technology has continually proved to be the most reliable and best performing means of speed control in Toshiba adjustable speed drives. Toshiba has successfully developed, utilized, and mastered this technology. The T300BMV2 pairs the most advanced transistor technology with the most robust multi-level topology and controls it with one of the fastest industrial processors in the world.

Control Interface offers 4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs, one analog input, and one analog output as standard. Each of these input/outputs can be programmed to a variety of different functions for ultimate flexibility.

A Plain-English LCD Electronic Operator Interface (EOI) allows for quick, user-friendly programming. Faults are logged containing date and time stamps.

Toshiba’s Tracesave Software is designed to extract and compress full operating data at the time of fault. This trace-back data file allows users to perform detailed fault analysis which can also be submitted for remote diagnostics and support.

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