T300MV2® Standard Duty General Purpose

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T300MV2<sup>™</sup> Standard Duty General Purpose

Toshiba’s T300MV2® 4160 V medium voltage adjustable speed drive is the most advanced drive in the industry. No other drive in the market features the latest five-level Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) with Neutral-Point Clamping (NPC) technology. This advanced technology allows for a smaller footprint, a reduced component count, and ultimately, lower costs. In addition, it incorporates the latest safety technology, making it one of the safest designs on the market.

  • Three Cables In, Three Cables Out
  • Copper-Wound Input Isolation Transformer with 24 Pulse Harmonic Cancellation
    Which Complies with IEEE 519-2014
  • Higher True Power Factor (0.98) than Running Motors Across-the-Line
  • Smaller Footprint Through Compact Power Modules, Lower Component Count, Standard Copper-Wound Isolation Transformer, & Air-Cooling System
  • Robust, High-Quality Medium Voltage IGBT Technology, & Control Components
  • Advanced Electronics to Reduce Component Count
  • Additive Five-Level PWM Output Voltage with No Neutral Shift

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