T-series Compatible Controllers [S2T/S2E]

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T-series Compatible Controllers [S2T/S2E]

T-series Compatible Controllers [S2T/S2E] image

S2T and S2E are the controllers which are software-compatible with PROSEC T-series PLCs, and have advanced V-series hardware. The S2T/S2E are suited for wide-range of descrete control applications.


T-series Compatible and Integrated Functionality

  • Program Capacity: 32K/64K steps (2 CPU types)
  • Execution Speed: 90ns (Contact instruction)
  • Max. I/O Points: 2048 points (64-point DIO x 32 modules)
  • Multi CPU configuration with the Computer module C2 is possible
    (S2T supports V-series Station-bus)


High-performance and Economical PLC

  • Program Capacity: 32K steps
  • Execution Speed: 110ns (Contact instruction)
  • Max. I/O Points: 2048 points (64-point DIO x 32 modules)
  • Supports V-series model 2000 I/O modules (G2I/O)
    (S2E does not support V-series Station-bus)


Program Compatible with T-series

For S2T/S2E programming, PROSEC T-series Programming Tool (T-PDS) is used. The existing T-series software can be used for S2T/S2E.

High-speed Execution

Parallel execution of a 32-bit management processor and a special designed Language processor achieves high-speed execution of program instructions and minimizing the scan over-head time.
S2T/S2E can be used for wide-range of applications from high-speed machine control to complex data processing.

RS-485 Serial Port Built-in

S2T/S2E has RS-485 port as standard feature. This port can be used for conection with HMI/SCADA using T-series computer link protocol. This port can also be used to connect with various ASCII communication devices, such as bar-code reader, temperature controller, etc.

Integrated Functionality (S2T only)

S2T supports V-series 32-bit processor bus (station bus). Using this station bus, high-speed data exchange with other station bus type modules is possible.
Station bus type module: Computer module (C2), Ethernet module (EN6xx), TOSLINE-S20 (SN625/626/627)

Large Data Memory (S2T only)1

Enhanced type S2T CPU (PU672T) has 1M byte of expanded data memory. Because this expanded memory is backuped by battery, it can be used for process data logging.

1PU672T only

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