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MS420 Series UPS

4-20kVA Modular Single Phase UPS

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The MS420 Series UPS provides continuous power availability for mission-critical applications. It is a perfect solution for small to medium power needs in IT, commercial markets and more. The scalable design allows expansion of the overall system capacity with increasing business needs. MS420 allows you to take control of your cost of ownership across 3 enclosures - 8, 12, 20 kVA maximum load capacity.

Scalability – Power for Now and the Future:

  • Easily accommodate your businesses growth and changing power requirements by expanding or reducing capacity in 4kVA increments
  • Matches instantaneous power usage needs by regulating current power usage
  • Three enclosure sizes with multi-purpose battery and power module bays give the flexibility to fit your limited cost and space constraints
  • Auto-configuration and smart load distribution ensures quick and easy capacity updates free of costly UPS technician visits

Availability – Power Whenever You Need It:

  • Continuous online and backup power delivery using innovative technology
  • Designed with reliable and thoroughly tested materials, with virtually zero failures thus no power interruptions
  • Guaranteed hardware redundancy and power availability using independent mini-UPS Power Modules with own-dedicated inverters, converters, and bypass mechanisms
  • Each element of MS420 is designed with innovative, intelligent technology to deliver continuous power to any critical load

Cost of Ownership – Only Pay for the Power You Need:

  • 4kVA power modules and frame options gives planning personnel refined control of operating and space costs
  • With smaller capacity increments, remove (or reduce) capacity, and space utilization overhead, removing operating cost overhead as well
  • Multiple enclosure sizes (8, 12 and 20 kVA) for a tighter operating space control. MS420 also can be embedded into your 19’’ server cabinet.

Redundancy – Resilient System Uptime:

  • MS420 uses a system of parallel 4kVA power modules, simplifying power expansion while maintaining N+1 or better redundancy configurations
  • Redundant power modules safely pick up load from failing modules and equally share it without disruption or overload
  • Each power module houses its own control and logic providing the highest system availability

Interchangeable & Hot-Swappable:

  • Adjust online and backup power capacity with no disruption to your critical load
  • Disconnect and remove or add modules easily, simply by sliding and securing new modules when needed, with no need to schedule a service technician appointment
  • Uses modern technology to automatically sense, calibrate, authorize and activate the new module to equally start sharing load with existing hardware.

Interconnected – Modern & Easy to Use:

  • Absolute control of your UPS at your fingertips. Modern and sleek User Interface via a modern LCD display, using Touch technology
  • Leverages IoT power to remotely monitor and control MS420 operations through your laptop computer or your mobile device, through industry standard communication protocols and state-of-the-art, robust security mechanism

Quality – Toshiba's Signature:

  • Extensively Tested High Quality Materials
  • Assembled in Houston facility, checked for quality and reliability
  • Tested for compliance to UL1778 certification
  • Industry-leading three-year warranty

      Introductin MS420 Serues

    MS420 Scalable UPS Solution

    MS420 Scalbable UPS Solution

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