Low Voltage Motors Rapid Response Warranty Exchange Program

The Low Voltage Motors Rapid Response warranty exchange program is applicable to all TIC standard (catalog) low voltage motors manufactured by or offered for sale by Toshiba International Corporation ("TIC") up to and including 250 frame motors (690 volts or lower)("LVM") as well as such products that have been modified by TIC. This program, however, will not apply to custom or specialty motors, including, without limitation, explosion-proof motors and other custom or specialty motors. Warranty claims for explosion-proof motors will continue to be administered under the standard warranty policy unless prior authorization is given by the warranty group.

The LVM Rapid Response warranty exchange program covers the base LVM unit only. The LVM unit must be within its original warranty period. The program does not include ancillary items contained in or added to the base LVM unit by Toshiba International Corporation or any company or persons.

Shipping/Handling Procedure

The party requesting a LVM Rapid Response Warranty Exchange will complete the rapid response form, which is available on line at: https://www.toshiba.com/tic/service-warranty/lvm-rapid-response-warranty-replacement. The customer must complete the form and, if the form is not submitted online, email it to the department as listed in the return to fields on the form. In addition, the original nameplate from the failed motor or a picture of the nameplate cut in half must be received by the TIC Motor Services Department before the exchange can be processed (NO EXCEPTIONS)1. TIC may also require additional information at its discretion in order to process a Rapid Response Warranty Exchange. Upon receipt of all such information and TIC's verification thereof, a confirmation that the motor is within the warranty period will be made and a replacement will then be sent to the address requested for the replacement motor.

Toshiba International will, at no charge, ship a new replacement unit based on replacement availability. The replacement unit will be of the same voltage, horsepower, and series as the failed unit. If the same series unit is not available, an alternative unit will be offered and shipped upon customer's and/or end user's approval as applicable. Shipping shall be on terms solely determined by TIC.

If a faster response is required and a refurbished unit is not available from TIC, a nearby contract distributor may, at TIC's discretion, replace the defective unit from local (distributor) stock (please include the Serial Number of replacement unit in the problem section of the form below). When replacement from local stock is not possible, alternate shipping methods may be requested. Shipments other than ground or LTL will require a purchase order for the cost of shipping.

Inspection & Limitations

No EASA inspection report will be required for LVM Rapid Response Warranty Exchange claims. This Exchange program is offered one time per unit per end-user per application. 2

If there is more than one failure with respect to a TIC LVM per end user for a particular application, please contact TIC Field Services at 1-855-803-7092, option 2 for review. In the unlikely event that a replacement motor also fails during the original warranty period, the replacement motor for a LVM must be taken to a TIC-authorized repair shop for inspection to determine the cause of the failure, and if such failure is a warrantable failure, it will be covered under the standard warranty provisions applicable to such LVM.

Special Notes

The warranty period for the replacement unit is continuance of the original warranty period, but not less than 90 days. This special service may be discontinued at Toshiba's discretion without notice of a return to the original warranty terms and conditions on the products. When using this program, authorized service center warranty program agreements and payments are not valid or accepted.

The LVM Rapid Response Warranty Exchange Program is not intended, and should not be used for minor repair of components that could more easily be replaced in the field (e.g. gaskets, fittings and similar parts).

Motor Policies and Procedures

1Please made a legible photocopy of the nameplate or of the photo of the cut nameplate to keep for your own records.
2The definition of application shall be determined by TIC at its sole discretion.
Effective Date: July 21, 2015
Expiration Date: July 21, 2017
Doc. No. 102P-721-001 Rev. 0 (July 21, 2015)

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