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Motor Policies and Procedure

Motor Policies

As a minimum the following specific policies will apply for all warranty claims submitted:

1.1 All warranty claims that make reference to special contracts or agreements must be identified as part of the accompanying request.

1.2 Warranty claims must be submitted to TIC within thirty (30) days of the failure

1. 3 Field Service Department will be responsible for pricing policy on repairs.

1.4 Where applicable a base line for warranty repair pricing will be monitored against the current release of VAUGHEN'S PDQ pricing system. Final repair pricing shall be determined and approved by the Field Service Department prior to any work being performed.

1.5 Full completion of Motor Warranty Report will be required for all Motor warranty claims prior to any repairs being started. Warranty shall be denied if repairs are started or

1.6 All warranties on motor winding failures will require pictures of the failure to be supplied with the EASA warranty repair report.

1.7 Payment will not occur if 1.2 and 1.4 above are not met.

1.8 Returned goods must have TIC approval and are to be sent prepaid with a referenced Toshiba return authorization number.

Motor Procedures

The following outlines the procedure for all warranty claims to be submitted:

2.1 Identify the product and warranty policy associated with the products listed above.

2.2 The customer shall be directed to the Warranty Service Department or shall contact the nearest TIC authorized service center.

If there is no available service center in the area or with the capabilities to repair such product, any approved authorized EASA repair shop may be used for processing a claim by contacting TIC's Motor Warranty Service Department.

2.3 Once the motor is received from the customer, the service center will perform an inspection at their facility. TIC reserves the right to request inspection of failed equipment to be performed by TIC at its Houston facility, and/or witness service shop inspection prior any work performed.

2.4 Disassemble the motor and diagnose the failure.

2.5 If the motor is deemed a warranty failure by the service repair center, an EASA warranty repair report shall be filled out and submitted as a claim along with pictures of the failed components. For motors above 100hp, Toshiba will require alignment readings, vibrations readings at startup and at running conditions as well as greasing interval documentation.

2.6 Contact Toshiba's Warranty Field service department prior to proceeding with any repairs. Warranty claim shall be denied if work is started prior to notifying Toshiba. A repair quote from the service center will need to be approved by Toshiba (TIC) before proceeding with any repairs.

2.7 All inspections done by outside service centers will be forwarded to TIC for review. The service center will forward to the customer a copy of the inspection report along with the results of whether the warranty is accepted or refused by TIC.

2.8 All motors replaced by Toshiba in lieu of repair, will require the nameplate of the failed motor be sent to Toshiba's warranty Field Service department.

2.9 The completed EASA warranty repair report and service repair invoice shall be received within 30 days of completed repairs for payment to be considered by Toshiba (TIC).

Determining Warranty Period

The following table is meant to show the motor warranty time period, from date of shipment, specifically by product line for standard catalog products.

Note: Certain high thrust pump or heavy belted motors may have normal bearing life that is less than the motor warranty period.

3.1 When an Authorized TIC Repair Shop repairs a motor, the repaired part of the motor from the date of the repair is now covered by the warranty offered by the repair shop. With proper documentation returned and recorded by TIC in Houston, Texas, the extended warranty will still apply to the motor, except on the repaired portion. The repaired portion will now be covered by the warranty of the Authorized Repair Shop.

3.2 When the decision is made to replace the warranted motor, the replaced motor will take over the remaining warranty period of the warranted motor. The warranty period does not start over with the replaced motor.

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