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TX-2G Tandem Compound Geared Single Flow

The TX-2G geared turbine consists of two casings and incorporates one high-speed, high-pressure turbine and one intermediate / low-pressure turbine (ILP). A reduction gear between the turbines reduces the rotational speed of the high pressure turbine to 3,000 rpm (50Hz) or 3,600 rpm (60Hz).

The TX-2G turbine system offers benefits not possible with a traditional turbine. One benefit is quick start-up and fast response making the TX-2G a perfect choice to complement variable output of alternative energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy. Additionally, the high speed of the high-pressure turbine reduces the footprint of the TX-2G without sacrificing performance, leading to constructability benefits and construction cost savings.


  • Down- or axial-exhaust options.
  • High performance and efficiency in a single-flow exhaust.
  • Compact high-speed, high-performance and modularized high-pressure turbine.
  • Short start-up times and flexible start-up modes.
  • Class-leading availability and reliability.


Main Steam Pressure up to 170 bara / 2,466 psia
Main Steam Temperature up to 585 deg. C / 1,085 deg. F
Reheat Temperature up to 585 deg. C / 1,085 deg. F
Output up to 220 MW
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz

TX2G specifications
unit : meter

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