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Proper Planning - A Key Component to a Successful Outage

Reduce the risk of outage delays or spare parts shortages by engaging Toshiba's fleet outage experts before your next major maintenance work. As an important tool in risk mitigation, proper outage and parts planning helps identify common priorities, timelines, and resources needed before an outage commences. This helps reduce the potential for unexpected deficiencies that could lead to project delays. It can also identify potential defective equipment that could pose health or safety hazards.

Toshiba's outage planning involves the supply of onsite technical support to the customer in the period before major planned events. Whether it's a Toshiba Technical Advisor or a Technical Support Engineer, the various types of activities that can be completed include:

  • Preliminary outage scheduling
  • Special tools inventory and condition assessment
  • Spare parts inventory cataloging and ordering, if necessary
  • Site lay down planning and assessment
  • Shutdown planning and operator support

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