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A structural audit is different from the thermal audit in its timing and on-site duration. Typically, the auditor will spend 2-3 days on-site to visually inspect. The auditor will evaluate findings based on in-service limitations and repair criteria. The auditor will finalize a report and provide recommendations on inspection findings. Most customers find it convenient to have a meeting with the auditor, plant staff, outage project management, and the service center to ensure spare parts and repair plans are understood so that they may be properly incorporated in the outage plan.

The following are typical inspections performed during an audit as well as items on which you can expect recommendations. The report is comprised of both a written section as well as a photographic.

  • Rotating and Stationary Vane Surface Condition
  • Damage by Solid Particle Erosion (SPE)
  • Water Washing or Water Droplet Erosion
  • Map of Foreign Object Damage (FOD)
  • Map of Rotating Blade Row Deposits
  • Rubbing Condition between Blades and Nozzle Diaphragm
  • Visual Inspection of Seal Rubbing and Opening Clearances.
  • Blade Lift Checks
  • Nozzle Diaphragm Dishing Check if Opening Axial Clearance are Applicable
  • Bearing White Metal and Rotor Journal Visual Inspection
  • Review Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) Documentation as an option

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