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Assessing Your Equipment Correctly - The First Time

An ongoing program of equipment evaluation and assessment is a key factor in keeping steam turbine/generators operating at optimal levels. Whether it's a scheduled or forced outage, Toshiba's experienced condition assessment engineering staff is able to detect deterioration in equipment, identify the causes related to degradation of performance, and recommend cost-effective solutions that can be performed as part of any predictive or preventive maintenance regimen.

Condition assessment is performed on various rotating and stationary components, such as turbine/generator rotors, generator rotor retaining rings, dovetails and tooth tops, turbine rotor blade attachment areas and shrunk on disks, casings, inlet sleeves, etc. Condition assessment typically includes the following:

  • Non-destructive examination (dye penetrant, magnetic particle, eddy current, ultrasonic examinations, etc)
  • Stress analysis (classical or finite element stress analysis)
  • Material evaluation (a material sample is extracted for tensile, chemistry, micro-structural, charpy, fracture toughness testing)
  • Based on the type of damage mechanism (fatigue, creep, stress corrosion, etc.), a crack initiation and/or propagation analysis is also performed

The rate of the damage is dependent on the material condition, stress levels, and operating conditions of a component.

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