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Optimal Plant Operation in Today's Competitive Generating Marketplace

When availability and efficiency are the primary performance metrics for your plant's operations, you can count on Toshiba's expertise in evaluating your equipment and operating profile to determine optimal balance of equipment upgrades and reliability enhancements. For example, our optimized turbine start package for turbine steam turbine/generators can improve the ability of the unit to respond to market generation demands and also reduce start-up fuel costs.

Toshiba supports its fleet and other OEM fleets by offering customized solutions for improving plant operating performance. Be it condition changes or upgrade/uprate needs, we can address a customer's fundamental expectation of improvements to their plant. Feasibility studies are just one way to support the objectives of optimizing plant operations. Through these studies, we can evaluate and recommend solutions based on customer inputs. We then will estimate design and hardware costs, as well as delivery and installation schedule to support a solution. Power (MW) output improvements, efficiency improvements, and maintainability improvements are just a few of the type of services we have performed for our customers.

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