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Covering Your HSB Needs

A worry-free balance starts in the Milwaukee Service Center's HSB control room, located on the main floor overlooking the balance bunker. This combination control room/witness area features both precision monitoring instrumentation and the supervisory control equipment to operate the complete facility. The unit's drive system and auxiliary equipment provide for accurate speed control over rotors' full operating speed and overspeed ranges.

Critical Features

Electronic data acquisition is incorporated for recording of critical parameters measured during balancing speed runs. Balance bunker outlet temperature is regulated by an air ventilation system.

The rotor drive system features independent and redundant lubrication systems specifically designed for fail-safe operation. An emergency power supply system is activated to provide back-up power in the event of primary power loss, but even that system is further backed up by a gravity feed lubrication system. These systems combine to assure safe coast down of the rotor.

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