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Toshiba Fleet or Other-OEM Turbine Parts Replacement

Whenever turbomachinery is disassembled, a wide variety of large and small parts can be damaged, found to be severely worn or stressed. The most expeditious and cost-effective method to replace these parts is to allow Toshiba to manufacture those parts for you. To support all of our customers' needs for time-sensitive turbine parts, we have a robust inventory of raw materials and a fully capable CNC machining facility that produces high-quality components of all sizes.

With our well-developed reverse engineering expertise, we are able to offer in-kind replacement or upgrade options. Commonly the base material of the parts is known, but sometimes the material is unknown or not specified. When this situation occurs, we will use a PMI (Positive Material Identification) process to determine the exact composition of the original material. We can then use appropriate material - or specify a new material better suited to the application - to make your new part.

Whether the part requires internal or external threads, precise tolerances, tapers or steps, we have the equipment and expertise to produce high quality parts for your needs. Toshiba also features a Plasma Transfer Arc (PTA) welding station for increasingly critical Stellite overlay welding.

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