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Improve Efficiency, Output with Toshiba Turbine Retrofits

Many General Electric steam turbines installed in the 1960s and 1970s are nearing the end of their design life, but are still expected to operate in future decades with higher reliability and performance. Toshiba’s vast experience with steam turbine design philosophy and physical engineering has enabled us to offer a program for completely retrofitting/upgrading your GE steam turbine. These retrofits typically encompass the following new components:

  • Fully bladed rotors
  • Optimized rotating blades with blended reaction and/or impulse design elements
  • Nozzle diaphragms with advanced flow patterns
  • Advanced tip and gland seal designs to minimize the impact of rubbing
  • New inner casings to accommodate the new diaphragms and rotors
  • Gland packing casings

For HP and IP modules, Toshiba’s retrofits typically provide additional stages when compared to the original GE design and these additional stages can significantly increase turbine efficiency. Aside from increasing efficiency, many other benefits derived from an HP/IP/LP retrofits include:

  • Improved MW output
  • Improved reliability with new rotors and steam path components
  • Extended outage intervals
  • Matching turbine steam consumption capacity to suit the existing boiler capacity
  • Reduced vibration levels due to advanced and proven vibration damping structures

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