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Dynamic Balancing - A Must for your Rotor

As a truly integrated turbine/generator service supplier, Toshiba's large high-speed balance and overspeed facility is a critical element of our operations. Failure to properly balance a steam turbine or generator rotor can result in significant rotor and bearing vibration, which could result in mechanical damage and a costly forced outage.

Facility Advantages

Located at the company's Milwaukee Service Center, the Balance and Overspeed Bunker (BOB) is capable of balancing and testing most of the industry's largest rotors, with a combination of large capacities for long, wide, and heavyweight rotors. Single, two, and three bearing configurations are accommodated. For generator rotors, megger, impedance, and flux probe measurements can be taken at operating speeds. Also, overspeed testing is most often a standard procedure.

Assuring proper rotor balance, in both steam turbines or generators, minimizes startup complications and helps to eliminate the need for field balancing an assembled machine, which can become costly in terms of delays and potential loss of generation revenue.

Visit our The Facility page for more specific information.

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