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Full Control of Steam Path & Rotor Speed

Properly functioning steam turbine valves and governors are critical to the successful operation of your power plant. Toshiba manufactures and supplies all forms of valve components, including valve stems, seats, and bushings.

Controlling rotor speed, providing feedback information, and preventing potentially disastrous overspeed events are all tied to the intricate workings of the governor. We will ensure that your governor is functioning correctly, with all parts working together within their very tight tolerances.

Governors and valves are components that usually require repair or replacement at more frequent intervals than planned, major outages. Toshiba takes great pride in making sure our workscope is completed within your outage window.

Valve Repair & Upgrade Programs

  • Disassembly and inspection in a controlled shop environment
  • Complete blast cleaning & NDE of valve components recommendations
  • Reverse engineering & manufacture of replacement parts
  • Re-establishment of appropriate clearances and restoration of internal alignment
  • Engineering evaluation of valve condition and repair
  • On-site valve seat and sleeve repair
  • New valve chests to replace those beyond repair
  • Satellite overlay via Plasma Transfer Arc (PTA) welding
  • Technical direction & on-site field machining

See MSV Multi-hole Bypass Valve Upgrades for additional information on bypass valve upgrades.

Governor Repair and Refurbishment

We will inspect your governor, detecting potential issues so that corrective actions are taken before problems occur. All linkages and bushings will be examined closely. When inconsistencies are found, our engineering team will evaluate the situation and recommend the best course of action.

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