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Powerful Solution for Hydropower

Reliability & Performance

  • More than 50 years in North America
  • 5 major rehabilitation projects underway

Technical Capability

  • 15% efficiency improvement for Ludington Pumped Storage (World's largest pumped storage,

Environmentally Friendly Products

  • Proposal of advanced technology (Oil free bearing and Governor solution)

Supports Unstable Renewable Energy

Global Leader of Adjustable Speed Pumped-Storage Technology

Increase of intermittent renewable energy

  • Energy consumption changes every second
  • Power grid stability by adjustable pumped storage with quick response and flexibility

More advanced power grid operation

  • Control pump input power by varying rotating speed

Increase of intermittent renewable energy

  • Supplied the world's first system in 1990
  • Supplied the world's largest capacity
  • Supplier with most experience

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