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TX-4 Tandem Compound Double Flow

The TX-4 is a tandem compound reheat unit. The power train is comprised of two casings housing a high-pressure / intermediate-pressure (HIP) turbine and a double flow low-pressure turbine that can either be downward- or side-exhausting. The TX-4 series offworld class efficiency with output power ranging from 130 MW to 700 MW.

More than 170 TX-4 series steam turbine units have been successfully installed worldwide to date.


  • Down- or side-exhaust options.
  • Best-in-class efficiency as a result of innovative, leading-edge technologies such as an optimized high-performance steam path, advanced seals and other advanced features.
  • Short start-up times and flexible start-up modes.
  • Class-leading availability and reliability.
  • Equipped for handling supercritical steam conditions.


Main Steam Pressure up to 251 bara / 3,640 psia
Main Steam Temperature up to 600 deg. C / 1,112 deg. F
Reheat Temperature up to 620 deg. C / 1,148 deg. F
Output up to 700 MW
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz

TX4 specifications
unit : meter

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