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Keeping Your Generator Running Soundly

Often referred to as a power plant's "money maker," your generator is among the most valued assets at your facility. Toshiba is aware of the generator's significance, and therefore, we return rotors and stators to service in a timely fashion, with repairs in which you can have complete confidence. For generator rotors, our Milwaukee Service Center has four new climate-controlled rewind bays, designed specifically for efficient work flow. We offer a complete line of NDE services and in-process testing. When necessary, we will engineer improved winding support systems. Also for rotors, our high-speed balancing and testing helps ensure trouble-free mechanical and electrical performance.

Rotor Modernization Services

  • Complete rewinds-new or refurbished copper winding
  • Retaining ring machining and replacement
  • Winding and insulation inspection and repairs
  • Main leads inspection, repairs and replacement
  • Diagnostic inspection and evaluation
  • Collector ring repairs and replacement
  • Hydrogen seal repairs and replacement
  • Bearing journal machining and repairs
  • Cooling fan and other parts manufacturing

Stator Modernization Services

  • Complete rewinds, including core restacking, if required
  • Specializing in water-cooled stator rewinds
  • Winding and insulation inspection and repairs
  • Core inspection, repairs and tightening
  • Frame and mechanical inspection and repairs
  • Re-wedging
  • End winding repairs and upgrades

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