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Customer: Consumers Energy & DTE EnergyLudington

Plant: Ludington Pumped Storage Plant

Number of Units: 6

Type of Runner: Francis Pump-Turbine

Output: Pump-turbines 360 MW at 320 feet of head, Motor-generators at 455MVA each

Scope of Work: Major Overhaul of pumped-storage plants pump-turbines, motor-generators, and balance of plant including:

  • Pump-turbines uprated from 312 MW to 360 MW at 320 feet of head, pump discharge increase approximately 15% at all head ranges
  • New motor generators with uprate from 325MVA/388 MVA (rated/overload) to 455 MVA
  • New thrust bearing design
  • Stay vane modifications
  • Rotor pole refurbishment
  • New static excitation systems, switchgear, and isolated phase bus
  • Refurbishment of pony-motors

Schedule: 1st unit returned to commercial service March 2015, 2nd unit returned to commercial service May 2016, 3rd unit received interim acceptance in June 2017, 4th unit overhaul is in progress, 6th and final unit outage scheduled to complete in 2020.

November 2016 Hydro Review-Article

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