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Complete Engineering Support for Your Outage

Whether it's a Toshiba fleet machine or other OEM equipment, we are proud of the depth of our engineering personnel and the talent they bring to the successful completion of your service projects. We are uniquely qualified to design and implement creative solutions to handle your most challenging repairs. Our professional engineering staff's experience encompasses all primary disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, dynamics, and metallurgical..

While many equipment repair companies need to contract with outside vendors for engineering support, Toshiba is capable of supplying fully integrated turbine/generator solutions. With this broad range of engineering background, we are pleased to offer:

  • Material testing for mechanical properties, including fatigue and fracture toughness
  • Failure analysis of rotors, blades, and casings
  • Condition assessments of turbine and generator rotors, as well as positive material identification
  • Turbine and generator component designs, including upgrades
  • Reverse engineering of turbine and generator components
  • Finite element analysis and SolidWorks computer modeling
  • Material testing for chemical properties, including on-site testing
  • Analysis of equipment and operational recommendations
  • Technical direction and on-site repair recommendations
  • Control of all on-site outage activities, including coordination of outage shifts and work planning, coordination of on-site subcontractors and final outage activity reports and documentation
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