Steam Turbines

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Fully-Integrated Steam Turbine Services

Whether its stationary or rotating steam path components, Toshiba’s extensive steam turbine modernization capabilities include inspection and condition assessment, steam path and case repairs, replacement parts manufacturing, and valve upgrades. We also specialize in complete steam turbine retrofits (HP/IP/LP) for GE machines, as well as last stage blade (LSB) replacements on low pressure turbine rotors. Everything we do is enhanced by vertical integration, which enables single-point contract responsibility for outage planning, on-site management, and field services.

Toshiba’s broad range of steam turbine services means that your turbine work will be performed by experienced turbine specialists, including project management, engineering, and factory-trained skilled technicians. From improving steam turbine efficiency, to decreasing unit start-up times, to providing state-of-the-art turbine modifications and replacement parts, we offer:

  • Complete steam turbine retrofit program for GE G2 and G3 machines
  • Last stage blade replacements (LSBs)
  • Complete line of NDE services, including in-depth engineering evaluation
  • Rotor condition assessment and start-up rate review
  • Steam path audit and recommendations
  • Rotor and casing restoration
  • Complete parts manufacturing, whether in-kind or upgraded components
  • Blade coatings
  • Seal replacements
  • Governor and valve inspection and refurbishment
  • High- and low-speed balance and vibration analysis

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